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Best Steak Restaurant: All About Cooking and Ordering Steak

If you are not a lover of veggies, then you are probably a steak fan, a perfectly cut portion of beef, seasoned, and seared on a real ripping hot grill or a hot cast iron pan! Everybody seem to like steak because of its rich mouthfeel and savory and strong flavor that nobody can turn down, thus beef is considered the king of all meats. Nobody can deny that the great aroma of a beef steak served in best steak restaurant that really smells good, creating a unique and great sensory experience. How would you want to feel the perfect texture of the best steak in town, with extra juiciness and tenderness?

If a person think of meat, the first picture that comes to his mind is a steak, with its raw and blood-colored look, unparalleled succulence, framed with white fat, and savory flavor. People really love beef steak because it is juice, flavorful, powerful, reassuring, and satisfying. What are the different levels or methods a beef steak is cooked? When it comes to the doneness, steak is categorized into medium rare steak, medium steak, medium-well steak, and well done. A medium rate steak must be warm through the middle, the center is pink, the sides are brown, and the top and bottom are caramelized to achieve a dark brown color with perfect grill marks. Medium rare is the most highly-recommended doneness of beef steak, with a firm surface, giving towards the center, and springs back instantly. A medium steak has a rich brown color, charred darkly from the top and bottom, and a thick band of light pink through the center but it is more brown than pink. This is the most sought of doneness for the masses. The medium well steak is stiff but still has little squish and a hint of pink in the middle, and a dark brown surface from top to bottom. The hardest to cook is well done steak without any hint of pink at the center, brown all over but not burnt, and with a solid to touch feel. In terms of cooking, a well done steak should be grilled in a low temperature and cooked slowly to avoid burning the meat while ensuring that it is cooked through the middle. A meat thermometer is used to test the temperature of the steak to achieve the doneness desired.

The best way to order a steak according to most chefs is from rare to medium rare. Medium rare is considered the most sought doneness because it provides the truest and best beef flavor, that is charred on the outside and cool inside. Anything you order above medium-rare beef steak tend to just take away the flavor and texture of the beef. For more information about beef steak, feel free to visit our homepage or website now!

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