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The Critical Points Relating to Immigration Debate That Needs Quick Answers

Immigration is where a person chooses to move into a new Country and make it his or her permanent residence. Some people relocate to a foreign country in search of better jobs while others are running away from their land, which may be suffering from political instability. Such movement of people causes a very intense immigration debate. Thus some people will argue that migration bring more positive things than negative things while others will oppose it. The policymakers, therefore, need to address the fundamental immigration issues to find the best solution. Discover more about the different critical points to the immigration debate that needs quick answers.

You cannot talk about immigration issues without talking about the effect on employment industry of the country. Given that many people move in search of work then this result to increase in labor supply. Therefore, the immigrants are usually willing to do jobs that the locals refuse. The reason may be due to work being degrading or low pay. Hence this immigration matters needs answers on whether it is beneficially to allow more people to work in the foreign country. The benefit of immigration is it increases labor supply, which is one of the elements of production. An economy will grow if there is the high production of products and services as result of high labor supply. However, some locals see the immigrants as competition for the limited job opportunities. Immigrants are therefore likely to be treated with hostility by the locals. The policymaker need to address this immigration issue relating to the labor market. The goal is to reduce the hostility and develop a favorable view of the immigrants to the locals.

When people hear there is an immigration debate they expect the security issue to be among the points to be discussed. Some country are very strict about allowing immigrants to move into their Country. They view them as a danger to the locals. There has been significant security breach caused by the foreigners. However this does justify handling all foreigners as criminals. Just like in any society there are good and bad people. It applies to immigrants. The goal should not be to restrict immigration entirely but to take measures to ensure that foreigners are aware and willing to follow the law of the foreign country.

Illegal immigrants issue is the other point raised during the immigration debate. Illegal immigrants are individual living in a foreign country without the consent of the government. When arrested the consequence is being deported back to their native countries. The strict process of getting legal registration documents may cause people to live illegally in a foreign country. Policy makers need to address this immigration issue to reduce the number of illegal immigrants.

To find a viable solution there is need to discuss the various immigration issue objectively.

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